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nafta, labor, and the empty promise of NAALC

nafta and undocumented workers

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welcome to up in arms #1.

in this mini-zine series, i look at various mechanisms of capital consolidation and economic-ethnic warfare emerging through globalization. the focus here is on intentionality and resistance. The principles are:
1. the trade agreements and multi-national economic governing-lending bodies that dominate the global economy are designed expressly to siphon wealth from all over the globe and concentrate it in the hands of a small global bourgeoisie at the expense of everyone else.
2. globalization processes have succeeded in eliminating the ability of people to govern themselves rather than to be governed by the sole edict of capital consolidation.
3. resistance must be transformed from reform-focused to overthrow-focused, in the face of a dissolution of democratic accountability under the global rule of a small corporate elite.
4. radical redistribution must be accomplished by any means necessary.

in this issue, the mysteries of one of globalization’s trademark fake-outs is described. up in arms #1 looks at NAFTA’s effects on workers. specifically, i examine the empty promise of NAALC--the mechanism set up to supposedly protect workers from the ravages of NAFTA. the analysis focuses on the intentionality with which NAALC’s drafters made it a useless instrument for protecting workers, in order to maintain the ability of businesses to exploit workers and drive down wages get rid of worker and environmental protections.

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