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Welcome to the the trans section of the site.
We still have a lot of work to do to design it, but for now, here's a list of the greatest gender insubordination spots on

mutilating gender by dean spade (fall 1999)
once more . . . with feeling by dean spade
more gender more of the time by dean spade
an excerpt from an email about how we tell our stories by dean spade
monstertrans by boots potential
dress to kill--fight to win by dean spade
interview for maximum rock'n'roll by mimi nguyen
trans-ally notes by dean spade
2 Legit 2 Quit by dean spade
letter to my co-workers about de-gendering bathrooms by dean spade
letter to my brother about surgery by dean spade
letter to my foster mother about my pronoun by dean spade
remarks at transecting the academy symposium feb 2003 by dean spade
letters about poverty by lis goldschmidt, dean spade, and pascal emmer
reading trans health/reading race war by michelle o'brien
shawn's coming out letter to his dad by shawn
Resisting Medicine, Re/modeling Gender Dean Spade

here's some other trans sites we like and/or think have useful info:

National Transgender Advocacy Coalition

Queer Jihad
FTM International
Ray's Page (Excellent Comics)
Trans-Art 2001 (Boston)
Camp Trans (annual protest against Michigan Women's Music Festival)
Gender Pac
Raphel Carter's Rarely Asked Questions
Too Radical: The Writings of Riki Anne Wilchins
The True Spirit Conference 2002
Gender Talk Radio Archive
Les Feinberg's Site
Loren Cameron's Site
Suggested Rules for Non-Trans People Writing About Trans Issues
Community Awareness for Transgender Support
Barbelith (look in "Underground" for an interesting thread about "women's space")

Last but not least, look here for surgery photos.